Prices 2024


Prices as from 1st Jan 2024
Please Note the training times are for the training contact hours only, extra time must be added for Admin and refreshment/ lunch breaks.
Normally, 1 hour per day 1/2 hour per half day

Course Length + 1 hour Max
Individual course Price at our venue At your venue course price
First Aid at Work 3 Days/18hrs 12 £120.00 £680.00
First Aid at Work (requalification) 2 Days/12hrs 12 £90.00 £460.00
Emergency Life Support 4 Hours 12 £35.00 £240.00
Emergency First Aid at Work 6 Hours 12 £85.00 £250.00
Peadiatric First Aid 2 Days/12hrs 12 £90.00 £460.00
Emergency Peadiatric first aid 6 Hours 12 £85.00 £240.00
AED (Defibrillation) 3/4 Hours 12 £25.00 £180.00
Basic / Emergency First Aid for Sport 3 Hours 12 £35.00 £220.00
Emergency First Aid for Sport 6 Hours 12 £85.00 £250.00
First Aid for the Elderly 6 Hours 12 £85.00 £250.00
Emergency First Aid for Drivers 7 Hours 12 £75.00 £410.00
First aid refresher 3 Hours 12 £35.00 £220.00
Individual subject training 1 -3 Hours 12 Call for individual prices From £60
Outdoor First aid 16-18Hours 12 Call for individual prices. £700.00
Training at your home Any time 12 Call for individual prices  £

All courses now include AED sessions

Reasonable additional training as identified by your first aid needs assessment can be added to each course. Please discuss for details.

Discounts and free training places to certain charities and voluntary services available.

Room hire = £120.00 Refreshments = £20.00

Travel/setup costs per trainer will be charged to include time and millage based @ 45p per mile and for each training block. Minimum £10.00  each way for each training block, if broken down into training blocks. + any parking charges

For over 12 up to 24 person’s an additional trainer at £200 per day is required.

For extra QCF registered qualifications level 1, 2 or 3 add £10 or price of registration per person.

Driver CPC registration is included in CPC courses

First aid training requirements. (at your own Venue)
The following is required to ensure all health and safety issues identified by our risk assessment are addressed and that the delegates receive the best training possible and complete the required contact hours.
Access The trainer will require unobstructed vehicle access to unload several large bags and access to the training room 30 minutes before the start of the course. Assistance must be provided where any barriers or restriction of access may be an issue.
Training room The room is to be suitable for first aid training and is to be set out ready for the trainer 30 minutes prior to the start. It must be free from any other distractions. There must be adequate clean floor space for practical sessions with suitable surface, minimum 4m x 4m
Training is for 12 delegates only unless another trainer has been booked.
Adult Chairs with no tables are to be set out in a half circle facing a screen or a blank white wall suitable for an audio-visual PowerPoint. (trainer must be made aware if no screen or wall is available 7 days before event)
All other sound and light and heating must suitable for a training environment.
Delegates with Special needs
We need to be notified 7 days before If any delegates have any injuries or special needs and adequate facilities should be provided. i.e this could include carpet or mats for the floor to assist kneeling or laying down or Hearing loop etc.
Timings It is very important that all delegates are seated 5 minutes before the start of the course. There is strict policy on the required contact training hours. Time must be allowed for breaks and any other course admin required which will be dictated by the Trainer. Any delegate not in attendance during the initial health and safety brief will not be allowed to continue the course. Delegates are to attend for the all of the contact hours required and are not to carry out other duties in their break time.
If a course is broken down into blocks then time must be added for breaks and course admin for each block. If Delegates have been working that day a suitable break must be provided before they start the course.
End of training. When packing up the same assistance must be provided to the trainer where any barriers or restriction of access may be an issue. The trainers allocated vehicle parking area should be adequately lit.
Training in your own home/ dwelling Permission must be requested for training to be carried out at your own home or a dwelling.
Refreshments Refreshments must be provided during the course.
Extra Cost We are happy to assist with setting up the training room or allowing longer breaks for staff to attend other duties or adding additional training where needed, please feel free to discuss this so we can price the requirements accordingly.
Cancellation agreement. Cancellation Charges.
1 If notice of cancellation is sent by the Client to the Service Provider:
(a) Between one (1) and seven (7) Days before the date that the Services are to be provided the Client shall be liable to the Service Provider for 100% of the [Contract Price] [sums due].

If there are any issues with meeting the above requirements, then please contact VTS to discuss. Extra charges will be made or the training cancelled if the requirements are not fully met or not pre-arranged.