Booked Basic Sports first aid

Booked Basic Sports first aid


5:45 pm - 9:30 pm


Norfolk Cricket Board
Manor Park, Holt Road, Horsford., Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 3AQ

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Basic Sports first Aid

Both coaching assistants and club volunteers would find this workshop useful. No prior first aid experience is required. This course covers the very basics of first aid and it will also provide you with knowledge of how to assess an incident, and what to do next. There are demonstrations of resuscitation and other techniques to deal with injuries such as sprains and strains.

Course day.

Each session will consist of the required 3 contact hours. Start Time 5:45hrs end time 21:30hrs. This will allow the day for breaks and refreshments. Each course is classroom/ Outside based with some practical work. Candidates should wear Suitable clothing for first aid practicals.

Food, Refreshments.

Light refreshments of tea & coffee etc. will be provided at suitable periods throughout the course.


As above

Parking is available.

Disabilities, complaints, diversity and H&

All information will be explained by the trainer at the opening welcome but it is reminded that First aiders should be physically able to demonstrate their competencies, all learning outcomes must be achieved to successfully gain the qualification.
Candidates should wear Suitable clothing and footwear for first aid practicals.

Any disabilities, injures or special learning needs that may effect learning or require reasonable adjustments to be made, must be notified in writing to VTS 7 days before the start of the course.

Candidates should wear Suitable clothing and footwear for first aid practicals for inside and outside. The training will require you to lay or roll on the floor and kneel down to preform CPR

This course requires close contact with other delegates and first aid manikins and contains videos and images of injuries appropriate to the subject.First

Hands must be cleanly scrubbed, all open wounds to be covered. if you have a cold or cough please notify the trainer before start.

The current COVID guidelines of the day will be followed.