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VTS Mission We aim to be the best at what we do! So let us be your first choice for First Aid and related training programmes. Whatever your needs we can provide first aid training for you. Just take a look at our course list – if you don’t see what you need just contact us to discuss your requirements. We provide a range of programmes which are both practical and cost effective, just look at our very competitive fees! All our team are very experienced and supportive, so you can rely on us to deliver effective and enjoyable training in a friendly environment.

Selecting a training provider. The HSE have produced guidelines on there website advising all you need to know about choosing a training provider and the due diligence you must carry out. Click Here

First aid Needs assessment our team of experts can advise you of the requirements and what is available to meet your training needs. Or click here to look at the HSE site.

Venue your in house venue or hired venue can be used for training if it is suitable for the purpose and meets health & Safety guidelines. there should be enough suitable floor space for practical sessions. A classroom size of 4m x 4m would be the average for 12 students.

Course length  All HSE courses have a certain amount of contact hours required but can be split into blocks. Where training is provided in blocks, these blocks should be not less than two hours in duration and ensure the candidate has completed the course and the assessment within a reasonable time frame, ie for 3-day FAW – 10 weeks, 2-day requalification FAW – 6 weeks, and EFAW – 3 weeks.

Race and diversity VTS recognise race and diversity in the work place and can adapt any training to reflect the individuals needs. VTS will make reasonable adjustments during the period of training. for HSE however, at the formal (summative) assessment stages the candidate must demonstrate their first-aid competence without assistance or adjustment of any kind. Candidates must wear suitable clothing to be able to carry out the practical training and assessment.

Disabilities Equality law recognises that bringing about equality for disabled people may mean changing the way in which employment is structured, the removal of physical barriers and/or providing extra support for a disabled worker. This is the duty to make reasonable adjustments.The duty to make reasonable adjustments aims to make sure that, as far as is reasonable, a disabled worker has the same access to everything that is involved in doing and keeping a job as a non-disabled person. HSE states a first aider is selected for their communication skills and ability to cope with stressful and physically demanding emergency procedures. where candidates have a disability, training providers should make reasonable adjustments during the period of training. However, at the formal (summative) assessment stages the candidate must demonstrate their first-aid competence without assistance of any kind. If you are learning first aid for other reasons than HSE requirements then our trainers can adapt the training or use alternative methods to meet your needs. Individuals must inform VTS of any disabilities prior to any training conducted.

Identification. Identity fraud is an issue that we take seriously. When completing the course register on the first day you may be asked to provide a form of identification.  The following methods are all acceptable: The individual candidate is part of a group of more then 5 people who can vouch for each other. The individual candidate has a signature on a credit card that matches that on the register. The individual candidate has photographic id such as driving license or passport. Please make sure that if you are not part of a group that you bring either a credit card or some from of photographic id.  If no evidence of id is provided we will be unable to issue a certificate until identity can be confirmed.

SMP (Service medical Professional) SMP is an accreditation scheme which shows that a member is competent to deliver first aid training and has the relevant quality assurance systems in place.

Qualsafe. Qualsafe Awards is an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation

JAUPT Joint approvals unit for periodic training. The provision of application and quality assurance of centres and courses delivering periodic training on behalf of the DVSA in Great Britain and the DVA in Northern Ireland.

Fair Processing Notice. Your personal data includes your contact details, your photographic image, driver licence details and payment details, together with any other information we obtain directly from you and from third parties, or as a result of our relationship with you in your capacity as a Driver CPC approved Training Centre and in providing goods and services to you. We will use your personal data for the purpose of uploading completed periodic training hours on to the Government’s Recording and Evidencing (R&E) database, the provision of an attendance certificate, and for all other purposes connected with the role as an Approved Training Centre in providing goods and services to you. This information will be shared with JAUPT in order for them to monitor and manage approved centres and the training uploaded to the DVSA system, and where necessary, this data may be shared with member state authorities to confirm Driver CPC entitlement abroad. We are committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.


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